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Desiree Blank headshot Posted by Desiree Blank April 07, 2020

Be fast on your feet: What’s new in Crownpeak products for April 2020

You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.  – Charles de Gaulle

It’s a strange time around the world. We’re all trying to adapt in this time of uncertainty and reexamine how we get things done.

At Crownpeak, our goal has always been to help our customers move with speed and agility. Our latest product enhancements were driven by that goal and, we hope, make your jobs a bit easier too.

Digital Governance (DG) and Privacy UX

We’ve made some big, exciting changes to our Universal Consent Platform that reduce implementation time and make it easier to get compliant fast. Here’s what’s new:

Introducing Consent Control: No-Code Tracker Blocking

To be compliant with the GDPR, tracking technologies can’t fire on your site until your site visitor has explicitly given consent (clicking the “Accept” button on your consent banner). Consent Control manages this blocking process across your domains through the simple addition of a single tag. That means nontechnical users can get GDPR-compliant consent experiences live on their sites in a matter of hours. For companies that want to get compliant fast, this is a game changer.

Streamlined and Intuitive Consent Settings

Being highly customizable is something that sets our Universal Consent Platform (UCP) apart. New UCP users who are less familiar with the privacy space find that the plethora of options can sometimes be confusing. In the spirit of speed and agility, we’ve redesigned the process for creating consent notices to be more intuitive for new users while still providing all the customization options that customers love.

The biggest improvements have been made on the consent settings page, or where you decide how your notices will be displayed and configured to work. Improvements include:

  • Best practice regulation settings: Now, when you choose a privacy regulation template (such as GDPR or CCPA), UCP automatically selects the recommended settings for that regulation.

  • Consent options: See only the options relevant to the type of consent you’re trying to gather (opt-in, opt-out).

  • Help text: Understand how different settings will affect your visitor’s consent experience.

  • Real-time preview: As you change settings, visualize how each option will affect the end user experience in real-time. 

consent settings screenshot

Updated Setting User Interface

Digital Experience Management (DXM) and Web Content Management

We’ve added new highly requested capabilities to our enterprise search functionality, Search G2. Search G2 is a highly scalable indexing and query platform that allows you to present relevant content that meets visitors needs across the digital journey. Here’s what’s new:

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Header

The CORS header allows you to query your collections using JavaScript without having to use a server-side proxy or a mitigation mechanism such as JSONP.

Random Sorting

We have also enhanced the Search G2 schema to allow for results to be ordered randomly. This can be useful if, for example, you want to show a set of results in a sidebar that are related to an item. You also have the ability to paginate through results if required.

Digital Quality Management (DQM)

We’ve made it easier for DQM users to find issues to fix and streamline their workflow in a few different ways. Here’s what’s new:

Updated Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Connector

For DQM customers that use Adobe Experience Manager as their CMS, life just got a little bit easier. Our connector now supports the latest version of AEM (6.5.2). This allows you to check for errors directly within the CMS. We have also added proxy support, so if you’re using AEM behind a proxy you’ll still be able to use the connector and check pages for errors from right within your CMS.

Streamlined Issue Filtering

One of the most important tasks for DQM users is to find where there are issues and prioritize fixing them. We’ve simplified the navigation and added in checkpoint filters, allowing you to have more control over which issues are displayed.

Filter issues by topic and/or priority

These are just some of the recent enhancements we’ve made to Crownpeak products. To learn more about these and other updates, read our April 2020 release overview. If you are a visual learner,  check out this short video to see these features in action. Finally, for a more in-depth look at any of our products,  request a demo. Thanks for reading!