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The Crownpeak June Release Roundup and New Perspectives

Did you know that ants get lonely? In a 2014 study on small social animals, researchers Akiko Koto, Danielle Mersch, Brian Hollis, and Laurent Keller found that "Social isolation causes mortality by disrupting energy homeostasis in ants." Isolated ants paced around a lot more than their social counterparts and lived less than 1/10 as long - they need social interaction. Similarly, cows that were separated from their peers experienced increased heart rate and higher blood cortisol levels (which is apparently bad). At Crownpeak, we like to think of our customers as cows and ants ... well no, we don't, but we do greatly benefit from interacting with and learning from our customers. They help us see things differently. With that in mind, the theme of our June product release is New Perspectives with a focus on customer needs.

Crownpeak Community

Customer service is a big deal to us, and while we have a good idea of the kinds of problems our customers are solving with our products, we're still surprised by the cool things they create and the unique perspectives they bring to each scenario. In other words, there is a ton of knowledge and creativity in our user-base and it would be criminal of us to let it go to waste - the debut of the new Crownpeak Community will ensure that doesn't happen. The Community is THE place to go for all your learning, developer resource, and support needs. Check out the blog post, The New Crownpeak Community, for the details.

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The new Crownpeak Community


The past few releases have been quiet on the Digital Experience Manager (DXM) and Digital Quality Management (DQM) fronts, although we have made a lot of small usability and performance improvements to the products. For example, in DXM, user create/edit screens now display validation when values are wrong and in DQM the zero checkpoint issues message is now displayed in green! These small changes may not individually impact your daily workflow, but because many of them were requested by customers, we think they get us further along the path to making our products even more user-friendly. Behind the scenes, we're progressing towards some bigger product improvements, but alas, we are not quite ready to spill the beans yet. Stay tuned!

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Form Validation

Digital Governance

The digital governance engineering team has been busy over the past month and a half and have added real-time scanning capabilities to the Universal Consent Platform. This means that notices are always up to date with data collected from the perspective of actual site visitors, not sterile data collected by a crawler. Using real-time scanning data is the only way to maintain daily compliance with privacy regulations. We have also released a browser extension that helps you monitor tag and latency information as you click through pages on your sites. Finally, we built additional consent notice testing features to help you further optimize consent rates. Real data is better than synthetic data and these changes are all about giving you the real data you need.

evidon screenshot

Evidon by Crownpeak Tools Browser Extension

consent optimization tests screenshot

Consent Optimization Tests

That's a wrap

To learn more and see the rest of the changes, see our June 2019 release summary. If you are a visual learner, check out this short webinar to see these features in action. Finally, for a more in-depth look at any of our products, request a demo. Look for our next product update in July!

The Crownpeak Product Team