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Ari Weissman Headshot Posted by Ari Weissman October 08, 2019

New Community Ideas Exchange: The best ideas can come from anywhere

As a software company, we believe the best ideas come from our users. It's one of the reasons we've spent so much time reaching out, making calls, scheduling demos and meetings to gather your ideas and requests. 

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But we also realize that it’s impossible to reach everyone this way. To make sharing ideas even easier, we are launching the DXM Ideas Exchange in the Crownpeak Community. We are on the hunt for the best ideas to improve your experience and we'd like them to come from you.

What is the Ideas Exchange? The Ideas Exchange is where you can create and vote on feature requests to drive the future of the Crownpeak platform.

Who can submit ideas? By opening up the exchange to our community, we can now capture ideas from everyone. It is open to the junior developer as well as the CMO.

How does it work? Once ideas are posted, everyone can vote on those ideas, which allows us to understand their importance to you. This exchange gives you a bigger voice in our process. We want to give every user of our platform the opportunity to share what we can do to improve.

We are launching with the DXM exchange, but the good news is that the exchange will soon be open to all users, across all Crownpeak products very soon.

What does Crownpeak do with the ideas?

As users create and vote on proposed features, our Product teams learn which ideas our community cares about the most. We'll use this information to fill our backlog and prioritize our roadmap so that we focus on building the features that have the most value to our customers. 

The Product team will review every idea that is submitted. Once an idea has reached a critical mass of votes, we will review it and begin discovery work to explore the best approach. When we take an idea into the backlog and begin work, we'll update the status of the idea so everyone can track progress on what we're working on and what we've delivered on.

Why is this important?

These are important tools for us so that you know when you provide feedback, we are listening.

Being customer-driven is easy to say, but we want to walk the walk. Many members of the Crownpeak team engage with our users daily and hear first-hand successes and struggles. That information gets passed back to the Product and UX teams who research, prototype, plan and define. It can seem like that process happens behind a curtain and we want to be better about passing information back out.

What the Ideas Exchange allows us to do is cut out the middleman so that users can send ideas and requests directly to the Product and UX teams. But more important, it allows us to communicate with directly with you about the status of your request. We can show you the passion for your idea from across our user base, we can ask clarifying questions, we can show examples, and we can communicate progress.

We look forward to seeing the ideas you share!