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Front-end Freedom: What’s new in Crownpeak products for July 2020

We are witnessing a mass-extinction event in the WCM space. Server-based software, once the king of the IT ecosystem, is dying out at an alarming rate. Slower and more vulnerable than their cloud-native counterparts, they cannot fit into a modern martech stack and are ill-suited to taking advantage of the abundance of client-side processing power. But it’s not too late for these endangered entities to be saved, and you can make a difference! Go to [insert legacy CMS vendor website here] to donate and help save a software dinosaur!

Cliché? Maybe. Hyperbolic? Absolutely. But it is true that the paradigm has changed, especially when it comes to web development. The explosion of client-side power has given a new level of freedom to front-end developers, and more and more experiences are being built with JavaScript. At Crownpeak we are all about developer freedom – read on to see the changes we have made in support of this!

Digital Experience Management (DXM) and Web Content Management

Introducing SDKs for React, Vue.JS, and Angular

The beauty of DXM for front-end developers is that we don’t impose anything on you. You are free to use whatever language or framework you choose. But we wanted to take it one step further and make it even easier to use popular JavaScript frameworks. The new SDKs for React, Vue.JS, and Angular automatically identify and scaffold (create/modify) the DXM configuration (Components; Templates; Models; and Assets) needed to support preview, in-line editing and drag & drop authoring capabilities – greatly reducing development effort and time-to-value for developers using those frameworks. Learn how to get started at the Crownpeak Github.

JavaScript SDKs for Headless Development

Usability and Clarity Updates

We have also worked to improve the experience for everyday DXM users. We have made clarity updates to asset search and maintenance notifications, added new ways to see publishing metrics, upgraded our infrastructure, and more. You can find a more detailed list of changes in the release overview.

Digital Quality Management (DQM)

JavaScript Scanning

DQM has evolved to embrace the client-side shift, adding a new feature catered to front-end developers and their marketing counterparts. We are excited to announce that DQM can now scan websites built with JavaScript! We can now help you keep your whole web presence accessible, SEO-optimized, and error-free. For more information, check out the JavaScript scanning FAQ on the Crownpeak community.

DQM Sitecore Connector

For those of you who haven’t made the leap to a modern, cloud-native CMS, that’s ok, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our Sitecore connector has been updated to support Sitecore 9.

Universal Consent Platform (UCP) and TagControl

UCP Requested Features

UCP continues to grow and adapt based on the needs and requests of our customers. We have added new ways to display your “Do Not Sell” links and Data Subject Access Request forms to give you a little more control. We also added a new tab to the options dialog for those of you with custom cookie policies, and expanded opt-back-in support for CCPA and other opt-out notices.

TagControl Helpful Data and Navigation Updates

The changes to TagControl make updating your whitelists easier than ever. Information from our industry-leading vendor database is now incorporated into the UI to make it easier for you to make informed whitelist decisions. Navigating to whitelists is also easier and can be done in a single click.

These are just some of the recent enhancements we’ve made to Crownpeak products. To learn more and see the rest of the changes, read our July 2020 release summary. If you are a visual learner, check out this short video to see these features in action. Finally, for a more in-depth look at any of our products, request a demo. Thanks for reading!

The Crownpeak Product Team