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Continuous Improvement: What's New in Crownpeak Products for October 2019

This month we are embracing our inner Masaaki Imai and focusing on continuous improvement: the idea that a bunch of smaller changes over time is a more effective way of improving a product, company, or process than making big changes all at once. This principle is something that sets Crownpeak products apart, especially in content management. When we make any improvements to our platform, you benefit immediately, without any manual upgrade work on your side.

If you search for “continuous improvements” in your favorite stock photo library, you will see a lot of colorful PDAC diagrams and pictures of gears. Here’s one of my favorite results:

continuous improvement

The Crownpeak Product team is the giant hand laying down continuous improvement blocks so you, the well-dressed businessman, can draw more gears and puzzle pieces higher up on the blackboard. You get what I’m saying, right? Keep reading to see examples of the continuous improvements we have made across product lines. 

Digital Experience Management (DXM) and Web Content Management

We want to give you the freedom to constantly improve how effective you are at creating world-class digital experiences in DXM. To that end, we have consolidated a few links into a resources widget. This brings together all the resources you need to maximize your content creation effectiveness in one place. You can find it in the top right corner of the CMS.

CMS screenshot

 Resources widget

We also realize that our users are the source of tons of great ways to improve our products, so we have added a new section in the community for product ideas and suggestions. The Ideas Exchange is the place for DXM customers to initiate new feature suggestions or upvote existing suggestions from other users. The Crownpeak Product team will review and manage incoming recommendations.

Ideas Exchange GIF

Submit an idea to the ideas exchange

Digital Governance (DG) and Privacy UX

I wouldn’t classify this next change as a small improvement, but if reflects our commitment to keeping our Universal Consent Platform (UCP) up to date with the changing privacy landscape. UCP is your one-stop shop for managing consent and data collection practices in response to global privacy regulations and the newest update is focused on helping you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). For more information check out the Universal Consent Platform for CCPA datasheet.

ucp screenshot

Configurable forms for subject access and “Do Not Sell” requests

Additionally, you can now save time when updating notices in UCP by using notice templates for privacy settings. Notice templates allow you to create a template of the functional settings your organization has chosen for privacy law compliance. Privacy experiences, like any type of personalization, take many iterations to be as effective as possible. For more information on how to get started, see the notice templates release notes.

As always, these are just some of the recent upgrades we have made to our products. To learn more and see the rest of the changes, read our October 2019 release summary. If you are a visual learner, check out this short webinar to see these features in action. Finally, for a more in-depth look at any of our products, request a demo. Thanks for reading!

The Crownpeak Product Team