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casey vick headshot Posted by Casey Vick October 30, 2020

Better interactions: What’s new in Crownpeak products for October 2020

Facilitating better interactions is a core principle at Crownpeak that transcends products and services. On the Digital Experience Management (DXM) and content management side, we help your audience interact with the right content, in the right form, at the right time. In Digital Quality Management, we help make more interactions possible by ensuring that those with disabilities have an equal and positive experience. In Digital Governance and Privacy, we help site visitors understand how their data is handled and exercise their rights regarding their data, turning a potentially negative interaction with your brand into something positive. Over the past few releases, we have worked hard to enable better interactions, both for our users and their customers.

Digital Experience Management (DXM) and Web Content Management

Updated drag and drop

You can now use drag and drop to interact with any component in your component library - even advanced components and those with special functionality (like the Google Maps component pictured below). This should help nontechnical users build more complex pages in less time.

drag and drop
Adding Google Maps to a page with drag and drop

Performance improvements 

We have rewritten our publishing engines to take advantage of the newest technologies and scale more efficiently. Large publishing volumes and complex asset renders can now happen significantly faster.

Watch Crownpeak DXM October release demo (10 mins)

Digital Quality Management (DQM)

DQM Auto-Fix

We have added AI-powered, automatic accessibility remediation capabilities to the DQM platform. This means that DQM can now automatically find and fix some accessibility issues (like adding missing alt-text to images) right in your visitor’s browser. This is an important part of a complete accessibility solution, and allows more visitors to interact with your digital experiences. Contact your Customer Success Manager to see how to add Auto-Fix to your site.

Auto-fix adds missing alt-text to images automatically

DQM early access program

We are launching a brand-new early access program for DQM. Members will be able to preview our new UI and interact with new features before they are publicly available. Check out the early access community article to get started. 

Watch Crownpeak DQM and Auto-Fix October release demo (10 mins)

Universal Consent Platform (UCP) and TagControl 

Consent control with granular support 

We have extended consent control to support category and vendor-level consent. This means that you can now set up CCPA notices and use vendor categories with our no code, single-tag implementation option. If your company leverages many third-party technologies, categorizing the vendors makes it easier for users to interact with your notices.

TagControl UI update

We have updated the TagControl UI to make it easier to see if the Omni-Tag is on your sites and working as intended. We have also added some new metrics and data to the tables to make it easier for you to understand whether the tags we identify on your sites are supposed to be there.

Tag control UI update

Watch Crownpeak UCP and TagControl October release demo (13 mins)

These are just some of the recent enhancements we’ve made to Crownpeak products. To learn more and see the rest of the changes, read our October 2020 release summary

 For a more in-depth look at any of our products, request a demo. Thanks for reading! 

The Crownpeak Product Team