Forrester Report: Why You Need a Digital Customer Experience Strategy

It’s time to back up the claim that digital customer experience is important

Forrester Report Digital Customer Expeirence Strategy


Companies say that digital touchpoints are critical to their customer experience efforts but don’t have an approach for multi-touchpoint experience, don’t know customers’ expectations, and don’t know how to represent their brands.

This report outlines the key elements of a digital customer experience strategy, where it derives from, and how firms can get started building a strategy that’s right for their brands.

"Customer experience professionals cite the lack of a clear customer experience strategy as the top barrier to improving customer experience."


Included in the report:

  • Firms Say That Digital Customer Experience Is Important But Fail To Execute.
  • If Digital Customer Experience Is A Top Priority, Then You Need A Strategy For It.
  • Build The Right Digital Customer Experience Strategy For Your Brand
  • Craft Your Digital Customer Experience Now.

The problem is only getting more challenging as users’ demands widen across an expanding array of digital touchpoints. Customer experience professionals at firms where customer experience is a stated strategic priority need a plan that guides activities and investment in digital customer experience.