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Crownpeak and WireWheel Partner to Offer Powerful CCPA Privacy Tools

Partnership integrates best-in-class solutions to boost how companies tackle CCPA consent management and data privacy requirements.

New York, November 14, 2019: Crownpeak, a global leader in privacy and digital governance management, has announced a new partnership with data privacy management platform WireWheel, creating a new full suite of powerful California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) privacy tools ahead of the regulation's January 1, 2020 implementation.

The partnership brings together Crownpeak's leading consent solutions with WireWheel's expertise in the area Subject Rights Request (SRR) management, a critical CCPA requirement that is often challenging for companies to operationalize efficiently and securely. Crownpeak will incorporate WireWheel's SRR capabilities within its consent experience platform – the Universal Consent Platform (UCP). This allows a business to use Crownpeak for cookie and consent management, and WireWheel to ingest and process consumer requests for data access, deletion, changes, and portability, as well as opt-out of its sale. WireWheel uniquely offers the ability to verify and authenticate requests so that personal and sensitive data is provided to the right person. The SRR process is encrypted from end to end to mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Darren Guarnaccia, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Crownpeak, commented, "With CCPA just a few weeks away, now is the time for companies to be putting procedures in place to protect their business, and importantly, their customers. Our flexible and unified solution simplifies the compliance process while ensuring user experiences for optimal engagement."

"Developed to support CCPA requirements, the partnership will leverage WireWheel's expertise in Subject Rights Requests to complement our current consent solutions. With access to a host of features – including geolocation targeting and age-gating – organizations will be able to deliver compliant, differentiated digital privacy experiences across all channels and devices, enabling them to build trust in their brand."

"We are excited about this partnership because it provides our customers with an easy way to implement a comprehensive CCPA solution and enables consumers to easily exercise their privacy rights, and businesses to efficiently and securely manage requests from start to finish," stated Justin Antonipillai, WireWheel CEO. "The CCPA deadline is quickly approaching, but the good news is that with this partnership, customers can quickly get up and running with what they need to be ready January 1st."

In October, as part of the partnership's kick-off, WireWheel and Crownpeak hosted the webinar, "How Marketers Should Prepare for the CCPA and the Next Wave of Privacy Regulations." Now available on demand.

To find out how Crownpeak seamlessly integrates with WireWheel to provide a comprehensive user experience, please request a demo at wirewheel.io/dns-webinar-demo/.

About Crownpeak

Crownpeak, the only true cloud-native digital experience platform, offers a suite of powerful tools that deliver the industry's fastest time-to-market across web content management, optimization, governance, and privacy UX. Crownpeak helps brands quickly create and deliver digital experiences that build trust and maximize customer lifetime value. On top of its powerful CMS, Crownpeak includes built-in personalization and testing tools, on-site tag and performance monitoring, and content governance. As the leader in customizable privacy experiences compliant with global privacy regulations – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Crownpeak provides the world's only API-based consent-as-a-service system, able to optimize progressive consent across all devices and channels. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers – including Toyota, Healthgrades, and Unilever – rely on Crownpeak to deliver privacy-first and high-quality digital experiences with a quicker time to market. For more information, please go to crownpeak.com.

About WireWheel

WireWheel helps companies of any size and complexity to build and manage cutting-edge and scalable privacy programs. The WireWheel cloud-based Data Privacy & Protection Platform platform helps organizations comply with today's CCPA and GDPR requirements while remaining ready for the future, minimizing legal risks and reducing the time and effort it takes to respond to various types of data subject requests.