CreativEngine partners with Crownpeak to deliver inclusive web experiences

CreativEngine partners with Crownpeak to deliver inclusive web experiences

CreativEngine, an agency that focuses on web design and development work for members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, has partnered with Crownpeak, who provides the leading platform in automated and ongoing accessibility scanning against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

CreativEngine needed a way to continuously monitor client websites to ensure conformance with the most up-to-date Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). CreativEngine’s Clients had previously utilized a variety of technologies and approaches in addressing web accessibility. This made it difficult for CreativEngine to monitor the accessibility progress for each site and consistently reduce the number of accessibility related issues that were detected. As a result, CreativEngine was looking for a new platform that would allow clients to see exactly where they stood from an accessibility standpoint, what issues need to be fixed and what progress they have made in remediating those issues.

“CreativEngine knows the importance of building a web experience that is truly inclusive to all users. It has always been a priority for us and for our clients, but finding tools that provide reliable scanning and feedback for our development team has been a challenge. Crownpeak’s DQM platform will allow us to better determine where we need to focus our efforts in helping clients create web experiences that can be equally accessed by all users,” said Brian Holmes, President at CreativEngine. 

“We are seeing a significant increase in organizations proactively putting programs in place to ensure they are providing truly inclusive digital experiences. The fact that members of the House of Representatives and Senate have worked to proactively put processes in place to ensure less abled constituents can fully access their content proves just that. CreativEngine has done a great job of executing those processes and utilizing Crownpeak’s continuous scanning platform streamline’s those efforts to ensure consistent progress.” Said Chris Sigala, Chief of Staff and General Manager, Digital Quality Management at Crownpeak. 

This recent partnership has allowed CreativEngine’s client base of U.S. Politicians to be more inclusive across all their digital efforts for their constituents. 

About Crownpeak
Crownpeak provides the leading digital experience platform. The industry's only true SaaS-based solution, Crownpeak offers best-in-breed capabilities that empower companies to create, deploy and optimize omnichannel digital experiences – faster and easier than ever, and with zero infrastructure to maintain.

Crownpeak also provides built-in solutions for digital governance and digital quality management. Relied on by the world's top brands, these solutions make it easy for organizations to address WCAG and ADA accessibility compliance across their digital properties – while improving SEO, reducing bounce rates, increasing brand equity and enhancing user experiences. With Crownpeak, companies can deliver high-impact, trust-building, accessible experiences at scale – improving engagement, loyalty and revenue. For more information, please visit

About CreativEngine
CreativEngine is a web design and development agency based in Los Angeles. They are the development company behind Amend, a content management system, and other web-based tools for the legislative branch of the federal government.