Enterprise-class cloud scalability

Everything you expect from an enterprise SaaS platform...and then some.

Service delivery

Crownpeak delivers its services using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We implement additional layers of technology to deliver a platform capable of scaling transparently and immediately to the demands of the world’s largest organizations, while maintaining the highest levels of availability and performance.


Every tier of the the Crownpeak platform is supported by horizontally scaled server farms, which automatically expand and contract as necessary to support varying levels of demand. Multiple monitoring systems continuously measure a range of system load parameters and manage capacity accordingly. This ensures that Crownpeak always delivers a consistent and dependable experience, regardless of current traffic patterns.


Multiple servers are deployed in multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones in multiple AWS Regions. File and database servers are replicated continuously to minimize potential for data loss, and preserve customer’s current state content. Technologies such as AWS Elastic IP ensure traffic is transparently routed to alternate resources in the event of server or infrastructure outage.


Websites hosted by Crownpeak can be deployed in multiple data centers throughout the world. The result is local websites being served by locally-deployed resources, which translates to faster performance worldwide. The Crownpeak platform also integrates easily with any commercially available content delivery network (CDN).