Enable digital experiences while reducing IT burden

Empower digital marketing teams in a secure and reliable environment.

"There was no other way we could afford the redundancy and global reach we needed to be great at digital marketing."

CIO, Mid-sized Enterprise
SaaS Architecture

Enterprise-grade architecture

Crownpeak’s architecture separates all content management functions from content delivery, allowing content in any format to be deployed into any environment.

  • Decoupled deployment
  • Flexible integrations with any existing or third-party systems
  • Content deployable in any format to any environment

Crownpeak projects can be deployed seamlessly alongside an existing CMS product and work together with mission-critical line of business applications and third party services.

What this means for IT organizations is that you don’t have to replace an existing system in order to get marketing projects to market quickly. Crownpeak can integrate with any third party system, either another content management system, a CRM platform or third party service provider. And when it comes to regulatory compliance, Crownpeak can meet any special requirements of the web hosting environment, data backup, recovery and more.

  • Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data, security, and regulatory requirements.
  • Quickly launch and update new websites, landing pages or campaigns without IT involvement
  • Unleash multiple agency resources with a single interoperable platform
  • Deliver and manage content across multiple channels
  • "Wrap" IT-managed portals and applications with personalized marketing content

Enhanced development

Feel at home in the familiar Crownpeak development environment, where all code and third-party systems and templates are supported.

  • Deliver digital experiences FAST
  • Use existing development resources
  • Integrate with existing systems
Site Management

Global multi-site management

  • Global workflow, delivery and security
  • Parallel development for multiple teams and agencies
  • The power of true multi-tenant SaaS

Unparalleled security

Every level of content and technology in Crownpeak is protected by configurable security controls.

  • Data security
  • Functional security
  • Workflow security
SSAE 16 Audited Data Centers

Improved regulatory compliance

Crownpeak offers a wide variety of turnkey services specifically designed to enhance corporate compliance and governance programs.

  • Comprehensive safety, security and confidentiality measures
  • Content governance
  • Identity management
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 Certified

Enhance corporate compliance and governance.

The systems and processes managing the organization’s valuable marketing content assets must be supported by a comprehensive program of safety, security and confidentiality measures designed to protect vital information, to meet legal and regulatory requirements and to maintain required levels of service and availability. Crownpeak offers a wide variety of turnkey services specifically designed to enhance corporate compliance and governance programs.

“Crownpeak’s approach to corporate governance, including an annual SSAE 16 audit, is unique in the sector. I’m impressed.”

Principal Analyst for WCM, independent consulting firm

Crownpeak offers the following regulatory compliance and enterprise governance support services:

  • Archive Management
  • Content Governance
  • Deep Application Monitoring
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Orphan Identification
  • Workflow with Audit Trail

Global scalability & availability

  • Scalable global infrastructure at a fraction of the cost
  • Global deployment, scalability and redundancy
  • Integration with any CDN
Customer Support

Unmatched support & service

Service, support and expertise - on demand.

  • On-demand support and expertise
  • Centers of excellence
  • Unlimited critical issue support 24/7 available

Technical Support

Unlimited critical issue support is available 24x7x365. Plus all product support, maintenance, management and uptime guarantees are included as part of the software subscription.

In addition to our standard services, there are two levels of additional support:

  • Extended Support, 20x5, US and European business hours
  • Global Support, 24x7x365

Centers of Excellence

Crownpeak offers customers a strategic service aimed at innovation in marketing technology. We help with best practices, strategic planning, as well as execution and project management of key projects like mobile optimization, localized marketing, segmentation, targeting, and analytics improvement.

Absolute Service On-Demand

The Crownpeak services team is available on-demand to take care of all the little things that need to happen to keep your project moving - adjusting HTML, tweaking a layout, modifying a workflow, adding a new function. And because it’s on-demand, you have the resources you need when you need them (but you don’t have to staff for it).

On-demand services are available to meet your specific needs including

  • End-user (new user) support & training
  • Template development, modification
  • Agency support
  • Integration assistance
  • HTML/CSS development and implementation
  • Developer Support

Unbeatable total cost of ownership

Only pay for what you need, with no hidden costs

  • Don’t worry about hidden costs
  • Expand projects globally with no incremental investment
  • Pay for only what you need

Whenever you evaluate a new technology platform, total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key consideration. Crownpeak’s SaaS model dramatically reduces TCO. Better than that, post-implementation, your savings with Crownpeak continue as your marketing projects expand globally with no incremental investment.

"Crownpeak saved us 70% of the cost of the other options and gave us better reliability. Nothing else compares."

Head of Digital Marketing, F100 Financial Services Company

In any SaaS model, the three biggest costs of any enterprise application (personnel, software and hardware) are shared by hundreds of companies at once, reducing costs by up to 70%. Advantages of scale and the deployment of enterprise-grade infrastructure also make it possible for Crownpeak to provide superior levels of uptime, security management and performance at a lower cost, compared with traditional approaches.

Traditional single-tenant solutions hosted in the cloud don’t eliminate these key cost categories simply because they are cloud-based. Instead, the costs of personnel, software and hardware are left to the customer (you) to manage.