Global Multi-Site Management

Manage an unlimited number of distributed digital touchpoints

Develop and deliver anything, anywhere

Global companies need to market locally. Regional marketing teams must be able to directly manage and control their own marketing activities. In fact, companies that focus on enabling local marketing will increase revenue by 15% to 20% in those markets, according to the Gartner Group Process Study, 2012. The challenge is balancing the need for local flexibility with the need for global consistency and security.

Global Delivery

Crownpeak enables you to implement global delivery solutions without the cost and headache of provisioning and maintaining an intercontinental IT infrastructure for your content management system.

  • Built-in workflow and security models ensure local marketers have the freedom to innovate
  • Global brand teams can manage consistency with brand identity and navigation
  • Compliance and security staff can maintain control over regulatory compliance and legal disclosures

Parallel Development

Crownpeak’s SaaS-based platform enables multiple teams and/or agencies to develop and deploy multiple projects in parallel. Until recently, the time, resources and cost associated with a centrally managed solution (change management, content creation, testing, staging and production) resulted in slow, sequential project development. Not so with Crownpeak.

  • Save time and money with Crownpeak’s parallel workflow architecture
  • Develop and deploy an infinite number of projects simultaneously, all without requiring IT support.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

It’s tempting to think that deploying a content management system “in the cloud” will give you the same benefits provided by Crownpeak. A platform hosted in the cloud is not the same as a SaaS-based platform. Crownpeak was built as a SaaS offering from its inception.

  • Enjoy a fast, flexible and highly available platform
  • Scale the system to meet the needs of your global organization
  • Easily deploy global applications, while enabling high-availability, redundancy and disaster recovery – without requiring huge IT investment