Empower teams with flexible tools

The tools you need to craft, manage and evaluate your digital experiences

"We run over $150M of revenue through these sites annually and only have 4 people on the team. We would have needed to add a 10-person tech team to attempt to create what Crownpeak gives us out-of-the-box."

VP E-commerce, Media & Entertainment

Integrate with best-of-breed marketing platforms

Crownpeak offers out-of-the-box integrations with the tools and platforms that your team uses every day.

  • Access images, text, video and designs all stored in one place
  • Maintain brand consistency, regardless of format or location, by controlling media permissions

Manage digital assets easily

With Crownpeak Digital Asset Management (DAM) closely intertwined with the CMS, marketers can manage brand consistent web experiences across all global websites and channels in one tool.

  • Access images, text, video and designs all stored in one place
  • Maintain brand consistency, regardless of format or location, by controlling media permissions

Set workflows and security protocols

We understand the security and workflow requirements of global enterprises. Your content and customer data are valuable assets that must be protected. As a result, we have built our Workflow and Content Security capabilities to be managed at varying levels of detail.

Within Crownpeak, you can manage content at the component and element level using a sophisticated permission management system to grant rights to users, groups and roles. Strict role-based access control (RBAC) is enforced, down to the individual asset level, if required. The Platform comes standard with full auditing and reporting capabilities.

The Crownpeak platform provides a rich set of preconfigured workflows, including support for many of the more complex scenarios such as language translation, content collaboration and approval processes in regulated environments. Workflows can be copied, improved and adjusted easily using our graphical configuration tools - no programming required.

Individual departments and local regions can independently design workflows to suit their local business models, their local regulatory and compliance requirements as well as their local resources and timelines. At the same time, central administrators can leverage Crownpeak Platform security to regulate access to critical common components, such as brand style sheets, navigation mechanisms, legal disclosures, document retention and expiry policies.

What you get:

  • Out of the box workflows for small work teams, multi-lingual sites, content-sharing multi-site, segmented email creative, and other advanced workflow scenarios
  • An easy-to-configure custom workflow designer interface
  • The ability to create infinite workflows, down to the individual user or asset level
  • Full system audit, keeping track of every action taken in the system
  • The ability to hide any content or function from any user or group of users
  • The ability to respect permissions in integrated content systems like SharePoint

Manage strategically from a customized dashboard

View all your content management data and analytics in one place. Crownpeak’s customizable dashboard provides insight into your marketing content and performance.

  • Unified view of marketing content performance and customer engagement
  • Flexible widgets to include any metric, content or data source
  • Multiple customizable, personalized dashboards for every user

Gain insight with integrated analytics

Manage content and run analytics in the same interface for continuous improvement.

  • Get detailed insights on site performance while editing and managing content
  • Experience real-time testing, targeting and personalization
  • Integrate with all major analytics platforms