Customers want engagement

Deliver personalized experiences across all digital marketing channels.

"We spun this company out of the parent on very short notice. Crownpeak had all of our public sites live on their platform in 6 weeks. Incredible."

Director Online Marketing, Regional Telecom

Control the Digital Experience Layer™

The Digital Experience Layer™ consists of marketing content, look and feel, personalization, localization and mobile optimization. Crownpeak enables marketers to directly control and manage the Digital Experience Layer while protecting core business functions and harnessing data across the entire enterprise.

Crownpeak gives marketers complete control over the Digital Experience LayerTM and allows them to deliver exceptional experiences to their online visitors without relying on IT resources.

These marketing elements are contained in a separate manageable layer that can interact with new and existing back-end functions like CRM, e-commerce, HR, etc. This structure gives marketing the flexibility they need while ensuring that IT has the appropriate controls in place to ensure the security, stability and scalability of its infrastructure.

  • Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data, security and regulatory requirements
  • Quickly launch and update new websites, landing pages or campaigns without IT involvement
  • Unleash multiple agency resources with a single interoperable platform
  • Deliver and manage content across multiple channels
  • "Wrap" IT-managed portals and applications with personalized marketing content

Improve customer value with personalized experiences

Personalization drives conversion, and conversion delivers results. With Crownpeak you can improve website conversion using data from any source to deliver targeted messages, content and offers.

Crownpeak customers can use data from any source to personalize and target content across every digital touchpoint.

  • Integrated analytics show how visitors react to your content.
  • Personalize experiences with data from third-party sources (like Marketo,, etc.)
  • Test and target and see what is working, and what is not
  • Optimize messages, offers and delivery for specific channels like Facebook, email or banner ads

Improve engagement with localized marketing

Deliver localized marketing programs and a better experience with language, images, products and offers specific to a country or region.

Your global web presence goes beyond simply translating pages into multiple languages. It provides local product offerings, pricing, promotions, special offers, messages, images and more. Crownpeak makes localization fast and efficient with streamlined workflows and brand compliance capabilities

  • Launch global websites in weeks rather than months.
  • Establish workflows for review, approval and collaboration
  • Control brand compliance while giving local teams the flexibility they need
  • Leverage content across regions regardless of where it is created
  • Engage with multiple global and local agencies and language translation
  • Manage regulatory compliance requirements worldwide
  • User interface available in 11 languages

Optimize for mobile

Design and optimize experiences for smartphones, tablets and whatever comes next.

With Crownpeak your team can launch a mobile campaign or site with content targeted to mobile users, segments or specific mobile devices—no coding or IT support needed.

  • Easily create different content and experiences for mobile platforms, devices or segments
  • Individual assets can be configured to behave differently across any device
  • Natively accommodate responsive design principles
  • Target different segments and personalize and test content variations for mobile visitors

Manage social media content

Create, distribute and manage content across different social media channels.

We help you tackle the biggest challenge with social media marketing - managing content across multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slideshare, Instagram and others.

  • Manage workflows and permissions for different social media platforms
  • Leverage assets across all channels
  • Track conversions and optimize results with real-time social media analytics
  • Deliver targeted social media messages based on behavior, interests, location and more
Delighted users

Engage users with compelling content

Using tools that range from video distribution to community engagement, build the most captivating experiences that ensure customers will want to come back for more.

Content teams can choose from a wide arsenal of tools to develop premium digital experiences.

Content Syndication

  • Supplement your site engaging content with feeds from other sources.  Through the many integration channels available with Crownpeak, you can manage these feeds and seamlessly and automatically to add the content to the site.
  • Pull in premium content from Brafton, BusinessWire, FeedBurner, and more sources.


Community and User Generated Content

  • Easily incorporate tools like Disqus, Jive, Lithium, or Crownpeak's blog tools to inject your customers' voices into the digital experience.


Seamlessly Integrated Video

  • Crownpeak is well suited to multi-channel publishing, and can push videos to a high volume serving setup while maintaining the web site links automatically.
  • Levearge platforms such as YouTube, Brightcove, or even Crownpeak’s own CDN to deliver the most engaging video experiences