Simplified development

In any language

Most developers will feel right at home developing in Crownpeak. Our flexible development environment will accommodate those familiar with .NET, JSP, PHP and more.

  • Avoid the messy details of data binding, type conversion and date/time formatting. Crownpeak API calls are used to retrieve content from the repository
  • Deliver content in HTML, JavaScript or any other language or data structure.
  • Use plug-ins for industry-leading development tools such as Visual Studio and Eclipse so you have the tools you need to be instantly productive.

Developers have complete freedom to implement functionality since any content or code can be incorporated, whether it’s written from scratch or incorporated from existing implementations. This allows for the unlimited development of assets including: integrations to any third party system, layout templates, user experiences, delivery methods and device support.

Anyone with a working knowledge of .NET or Java can be productive using the Crownpeak system after as little as one day of development training. Crownpeak combines a development platform, computing resources, deployment infrastructure and managed hosting services, to reduce the cost, time and complexity of project development.

With Crownpeak you can:

  • Deliver incredible experiences in very short time frames.
  • Leverage the existing skill sets of employees, agencies or other third parties.
  • Rest assured you will always be supported - all projects are supported by Crownpeak, forever.

Plug in and integrate

Crownpeak plugins and integrations are available as a library of pre-built and fully supported components, which provide integration and communications with a wide, and ever-expanding, variety of third party services and systems.

  • Use plugins and integrations to exchange data with other services like document management or marketing automation management systems.
  • Deliver enhanced user experiences and incorporate additional functionality – like translation management or single sign-on integration with a social media/collaboration tool.
  • Immediately access each new pluggable extension as it’s released using Crownpeak’s SaaS-based architecture.

Benefit from implementation partners

Crownpeak maintains and certifies a wide variety of global partners, all of whom have depth and experience in delivering great projects on the Crownpeak platform.