Balancing the needs of Marketing and IT

Where speed and stability meet security and scalability.

"I've been in this business for 15 years and until we worked with Crownpeak, I had no idea empowering hundreds of global site managers could be done easily."

EVP EBusiness, Global 1000 insurance company

Empower Marketing. Reassure IT.

Crownpeak gives marketing direct control over creating, managing and implementing web projects - while meeting critical IT requirements of stability, security and scalability.

Crownpeak ensures Marketers can complete web projects fast—and that IT has what it requires to keep things running smoothly.

Marketing can launch web projects fast:

  • Less coding required, saving time and money, while lowering risks
  • Pre-defined brand guidelines ensure consistency
  • Parallel development enables multiple projects to happen concurrently
  • Standardized platform lets agencies, partners and worldwide teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently

IT can ensure security and compliance:

  • Set workflows
  • Establish publishing rules
  • Control security protocols—especially with features like Federated Authentication and Crownpeak's unique Enhanced Data Security Services (EDSS)

We do it for you

Crownpeak takes care of all the day-to-day tasks of managing a complex platform. We handle everything from hardware and software maintenance to testing and performance optimization, security compliance and more.

  • Software: web content management, digital asset management, data management platform, behavioral analytics, social media management, search, personalization, testing & targeting, mobile optimization
  • Infrastructure: server OS, virtualization, storage, content delivery network, hardware, database, network infrastructure, security disaster recovery
  • Integrations: third-party applications, unlimited data sources, existing enterprise IT systems
  • IT-managed services: network operations, network management, security management, provisions, sysadmin, monitoring, response mitigation, disaster recovery

Comprehensive Support & Absolute Service

Going beyond the traditional definition of software customer service, Crownpeak is available anytime and is backed by on-demand access to expert advice and support.

Crownpeak works with customers on everything from defining business processes and security protocols to implementation and template details.

No more IT tickets, or waiting in the IT queue—Crownpeak provides access to wide variety of enablement services, expert advice, and support functions

Single point-of-contact for all support needs—no matter how big or small.

The Crownpeak service model goes beyond the traditional model of software support, looking to more broadly support customer success with their digital marketing initiatives.

Crownpeak provides extensive guidance on implementing the following (and more):

  • Personalization
  • Localization
  • Analytics
  • Site Search
  • Responsive Design
  • Social integration

Always have the latest version

Crownpeak is always current - without installing or paying for upgrades. No more worrying about updates, patches or compatibility with existing systems.

With SaaS, customers receive continuous upgrades, sometimes multiple times per month (without disrupting service). Access to new features and capabilities is automatic. At Crownpeak, every time we build a new plugin, or add a partner integration into the marketplace, all customers can access it immediately.

"One of the biggest benefits to using Crownpeak is that I never worry about upgrading, or whether my CMS will be capable of meeting my web marketing strategies. I’m continuously impressed that Crownpeak rolls out new features and capabilities – and helps me to make my web site more effective."

VP eMarketing, $9B regional American bank