Watch Crownpeak's videos of customer testimonials and product feature demos.

Ease of Use - Text Editing [Product Demo]

Crownpeak's intuitive content editing is designed with the marketer in mind. The design makes content authors more self-sufficient, so they can rely less on IT support or web developers to add or change content on websites.

Ease of Use - Image Editing [Product Demo]

Crownpeak makes it simple for content authors to deploy digital assets—such as images, video, and documents—to web pages. This empowers content authors to more easily enhance visitors' web experiences.

Dashboard Connectors [Product Demo]

This video demonstrates how easy it is to create custom dashboards using Crownpeak's data connectors to third-party applications.

Document Management Integrations [Product Demo]

Crownpeak's native connectors to leading document management systems (i.e. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Veeva Vault, etc.) enable content authors to access externally stored content directly from the user interface.

Digital Asset Management [Product Demo]

Manage brand consistent web experiences across all your global websites easily with this instantly available cloud service.

Content Personalization [Product Demo]

Using Crownpeak's Web Content Optimizer (WCO), non-technical users are empowered to deliver and configure personalized content with easy and intuitive controls.

A/B Testing and Analytics [Product Demo]

Optimize for conversions and track content performance with intuitive A/B testing and multivariate testing tools built into Crownpeak's Web Content Optimizer (WCO).

Mobile Responsive Design [Product Demo]

Crownpeak supports mobile responsive design using its unique templating architecture, which allows the latest web technologyincluding HTML5 and CSS3to be implemented in delivering mobile user experiences.

Basic Workflows [Product Demo]

Crownpeak's out-of-the-box workflow capabilities can flexibly move content through different states and actions.

Translation Model Framework [Product Demo]

Manage global digital experiences with localization and translation workflows in this easily configurable tool.

Salesforce Integration [Product Demo]

Use your Salesforce data to get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. This video demonstrates Crownpeak's two-way integration with Salesforce CRM.

  • Seamlessly push data from Crownpeak into Salesforce.
  • Leverage Salesforce data for dynamic content personalization.

Marketo Integration [Product Demo]

Get the most out of your Marketing Automation Platform. This video demonstrates Crownpeak's two-way integration with MAP systems like Marketo.

  • Seamlessly push data from Crownpeak into Marketo.
  • Leverage Marketo data for dynamic content personalization.

The Faces of Cloud WCM featuring Manali Patel, January 20, 2011

Manali Patel, a Fortune 500 Web Solutions Consultant, shares her experience and thoughts on Cloud Web Content Management versus legacy on-premise (installed) CMS solutions.

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