Featured Case Studies

Combined Insurance

The Combined Insurance team's mission was to create and implement a new strategy that would centralize all Web operations, including web content management, hosting and content optimization for all international offices.



As part of a major business model shift, Skype needed to change the way it was selling communication hardware while at the same time executing on an international expansion plan. Using the CrownPeak CMS, Skype is now able to make major content and functional changes across more sites with more cost-efficiency.


Pharmaceutical Industry: Global Brand Platform

With major corporate changes on the horizon, marketers at an international pharmaceutical company confronted a critical challenge. Facing an upcoming global branding initiative, IT pressure to depart from on-premise solutions and a push to reduce development costs, they could no longer rely on—or afford—the unwieldy custom solution they had built to manage digital experiences across 50 countries.


Pharmaceutical Industry: Agile Content Marketing Platform

With increasing margin pressures, a global pharmaceutical company was looking for ways to improve customer engagement across all digital touch points. Their existing platform did not accommodate the rapid deployment of marketing sites and the organization struggled to create mobile sites that would meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Heifer International

Heifer International, a world-renowned charity, needed an intranet to manage and share documents and digital assets, maintain a corporate directory, and share content across its worldwide organization. CrownPeak provided a complete intranet framework and content management system--including a custom design--in three weeks.



Medicare.com was looking for a way to easily manage all the disparate types of information coming from many sources into their centralized location. They required a truly user-friendly system that could handle the load of information while complementing their search-engine marketing strategy.


Featured E-Books

Website Personalization E-Book

This e-book is for digital marketers who understand the general purpose of website personalization, but who want to learn more about the techniques involved with implementing a personalization strategy.


Website Localization E-Book

This e-book is for sophisticated digital marketers with global responsibilities who want a blueprint on how to craft a global content localization strategy.

Featured Videos

Webinar: Localization, April 25, 2013

Localization involves much more than translating copy into a local language. Digital marketers understand that Localization is a broader and much more strategic topic. It includes modifying images, offers, products, and other content so it is culturally relevant to your target audience. You can localize for a specific region, country, language or even a city. Localization can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it properly. Learn how in this webinar with CrownPeak CEO, Jim Howard.


Webinar: You & Your Agency, March 7, 2013

You and Your Agency: Move Fast, and Rock Your Digital Campaigns Using Agile Marketing Tactics with Your Agency. Digital has sped everything up. Now, you need to adjust everything, from planning to approach, from responsibilities to expectations, from the tools you use, to the agencies you work with. Learn how to improve the speed of thinking, create clearer understanding between you and your agency, encourage action among the team, jointly develop projects, end turf wars and more.


The Faces of Cloud WCM featuring Manali Patel, January 20, 2011

Manali Patel, a Fortune 500 Web Solutions Consultant, shares her experience and thoughts on Cloud Web Content Management versus legacy on-premise (installed) CMS solutions.


The Role of Industry Analysts & Consultants in the Web Content Management Market

The roles of Analysts and Consultants are often considered one and the same in technology evaluation discussions. However, this is not the case; Analysts and Consultants serve different purposes, have different business models and interact with clients in completely different ways. In this paper we will discuss the value and results companies can expect from Analysts in regards to Web Content Management (WCM) solutions, and how this differs from working with Consultants.


Why Marketers Care About Web Content Management

As Digital Marketing has become increasingly important to the Marketer’s ability to drive sales and revenue, the content management tools enabling that digital content have failed to keep pace. Download this white paper to see how the right CMS can help your digital marketing team drive significant revenues for your organization.


How to Succeed in Shared Services for WCM

This white paper explains to CIOs how and why IT organizations using CrownPeak are enjoying unprecedented benefits such as agility, global scalability, and increased productivity, once promised but never delivered by last-generation WCM products like Interwoven, SharePoint, Tridion, and Vignette.


For IT Top 10 Questions to Ask Enterprise CMS Vendors

Are you in the market for a new Enterprise Content Management System? Here are 10 questions you should consider asking your CMS vendors to ensure you make the most informed decision.