Featured Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Industry: Agile Content Marketing Platform

With increasing margin pressures, a global pharmaceutical company was looking for ways to improve customer engagement across all digital touch points. Their existing platform did not accommodate the rapid deployment of marketing sites and the organization struggled to create mobile sites that would meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Combined Insurance

The Combined Insurance team's mission was to create and implement a new strategy that would centralize all Web operations, including web content management, hosting and content optimization for all international offices.


Featured Datasheets

Web Experience Management Platform Overview

This data sheet provides an overview of the features and functionality of the CrownPeak Web Experience Management platform, while highlighting the key benefits of our cloud-based SaaS delivery model.


Customer Success Support Plan Packages

CrownPeak’s customer support offerings are broken down into 3 easy packages that cover any support scenario or issue that a customer may have. Choose the support plan package that’s right for you!

This document discusses the following for each plan:

  • What does CrownPeak guarantee regarding maintenance and availability?
  • Who do customers work with to meet their goals?
  • What does each support plan cover?
  • How does each support plan relate to CrownPeak's services for training, solution architecture, and ongoing enablement?

Data Center Operations: Security and Operational Overview

This document provides an overview of data center operations, security and policy for the operation of the CrownPeak application data centers, and customer hosted web sites.


Featured eBooks

5 Tips for Faster Website Launches

As digital marketers, we are constantly under pressure to launch new web properties quickly. Yet many enterprises large and small still aren’t getting the return on investment they expect from new website initiatives. Why? Because the whole process moves too darn slow.

Included in this eBook

  • How to free and empower your marketing team
  • What to do now to take control of your web content management
  • Why you should take a more pragmatic approach to website design

Website Personalization eBook

This e-book is for digital marketers who understand the general purpose of website personalization, but who want to learn more about the techniques involved with implementing a personalization strategy. 


Website Localization eBook

This e-book is for sophisticated digital marketers with global responsibilities who want a blueprint on how to craft a global content localization strategy.


Featured White Papers

On-Premise vs Cloud: The Impact of Cloud Computing on Web Content Management

This white paper introduces the key differences of on-premise versus cloud computing as it relates to web content management. It also discusses important considerations enterprise companies must consider when contemplating a move from on-premise, and compelling benefits of adopting a cloud web content management solution.


How To Be Successful in Mobile Content Management

Wondering how to tap into the mobile revolution? This white paper explains how you can leverage your web content for mobile distribution with a next-generation WCM to create a flexible, scalable, and interoperable mobile content management solution.


What is SaaS? And Why Do I Care?

The focus of this document is to help digital marketers and technology managers understand the definition of SaaS, and eliminate preconceived objections about the benefits of a SaaS-based delivery model. The goal is to clarify what SaaS is and help the reader understand why not everything that is called SaaS meets the requirements of a true “software as a service” model.