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2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

Gartner has positioned Crownpeak as a "Visionary" in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, lauded for our exploitation of the cloud's potential for larger Web & digital marketing efforts.


Forrester Report: Digital Customer Experience Governance Demystified

Governance has long been a dreaded word in the field of customer experience. It conjures images of automatons locked in dungeons trolling digital properties, hunting for standards violations. But in today’s post-PC era when customers expect digital experiences to come to them — regardless of which device (or devices) they are using — governance is a critical discipline.

This report outlines the steps customer experience (CX) professionals must take to optimize and continuously improve their digital customer experiences.


Forrester Research: How to Archive Personalized, Contextualized Web Experiences

This Forrester Research report highlights pain points in capturing componentized, personalized websites and reveals fresh approaches that enterprise architecture (EA) professionals can take to close the compliance gap.


Forrester Research: Make the Cloud a Foundation of Your Digital Experience Platform Strategy

Forrester Research dives deeper into the 3 types of cloud solutions, articulates the benefits that come from each cloud model and explains what makes these solutions more compelling than legacy on-premise solutions.

Topics Include

  • IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS
  • Addressing concerns around cloud security, integration & customizability
  • Availability of cloud solutions in the major DX categories
  • The urgency for adopting cloud solutions

Forrester Report: Why You Need A Digital Customer Experience Strategy

Companies say that digital touchpoints are critical to their customer experience efforts but don’t have an approach for multi-touchpoint experience, don’t know customers’ expectations, and don’t know how to represent their brands. This report outlines the key elements of a digital customer experience strategy, where it derives from, and how firms can get started building a strategy that’s right for their brands.


2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

Gartner has positioned Crownpeak as a “Visionary” in WCM. As the only multi-tenant SaaS solution included in the report, we were evaluated based on our business and technology vision as well as the ability to execute in the marketplace.


Gilbane: Looking Outside the CMS Box for Enterprise Website Governance

This paper is designed to help web and content management professionals sort through the issues of where and how content quality and compliance are best managed within their organization. It aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the critical content governance risks and issues facing the organization?
  • Is your CMS implementation meeting these challenges?
  • What solutions are available to address governance needs that are not addressed by CMS?

Gartner: Cool Vendors for Content Management (2014)

Cool vendors for content management provide IT and business buyers with innovative solutions to help them secure, share and facilitate complex content creation. Content is becoming increasingly complex along with the processes that use it, so enterprises need to consider new tools.


SiriusDecicions: The 2014 SiriusView for Web Content Management

This SiriusDecicions Research Brief evaluates 10 of the top players in the Web Content Management space, which includes Crownpeak. In addition to summarizing the WCM landscape in 2014, this brief explores the following with each vendor listed:

  • Differentiators from the rest of the market
  • Challenges for the company and product
  • When to consider purchasing

SiriusDecisions: The B-to-B Web Site: Under New Management

This SiriusDecisions Research Brief explains how website ownership must evolve and become more federated to keep up with ever-increasing demands for new and improved website elements.


SiriusDecisions: Mobile Web Sites vs. Responsive Web: Choosing the Right Approach

This SiriusDecisions Research Brief provides guidance for marketers seeking to decide if responsive web design or a mobile website is the best solution for their needs.


SiriusDecisions: Persona-Based Web Strategy: Key Success Factors

In this SiriusDecisions brief, learn how to improve your website's ability to attract, engage and convert buyers by creating customer personas for key segments of your target audience. SiriusDecisions describes the required, recommended and best-in-class elements of a persona-based web strategy.


J. Boye ActiveStandards (now Crownpeak DQM) Evaluation Report

J. Boye vendor evaluation reports provide an unbiased, accessible and easy-to-use tool to evaluate whether a technology solution would be the right choice for your targets and web presence objectives.

Included in the report:

  • Solution fact sheet and analysis
  • Benchmark against five current market trends in the digital governance market
  • Interviews with current clients and partners
  • Evaluation and recommendations
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