89 Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a New Website Management Platform

Questions you should be asking any DXM vendor

Questions for Website Redesign RFP

The success of website launches are often based on the research that is done before selecting a vendor. Given the different approaches and options for web content management, it is crucial that business users and IT professionals are empowered to ask effective questions to ensure they end up with the right solution.

This list of 89 sample questions for your RFP document was developed to help organizations compare options and uncover differences between specific solutions. The questions span across key consideration categories to help you choose the right partner/platform to manage your digital experiences:

  • Content Creation & Management
  • Publishing & Presentation
  • Development & Interoperability
  • Technical Dependencies
  • Platform Architecture
  • Operations & Support
  • Security & Regulatory Requirements
  • Implementation & Deployment
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