Reporting & Advisory Services

More than a platform

Our experts will help you get the most out of the Crownpeak DQM platform, whether you need help in defining your digital quality and compliance standards, training your staff, or addressing specific issues with your web publishing process.

Quarterly progress reviews

Each quarter, you'll receive a fully customized review of your online performance, including:

  • A detailed assessment of the key compliance trends across your digital operations
  • Critical SEO, quality, and accessibility performance trends across your digital operations
  • Practical strategies for remediation, focusing on areas that your organization has prioritized, taking into consideration any resource constraints within your operating units
  • Recurring root problems that manifest themselves as web publication errors
  • A review of your platform configuration and an assessment of whether it is optimized to meet your digital initiatives

Expert consulting

Our experts are available to work with you on a broad range of programs and projects, such as:

  • Presenting your quarterly progress report to stakeholders with Q&A sessions on the results.
  • Coaching and training key digital teams in standards compliance and improvement, including setting realistic and achievable KPIs.
  • Deep-dive sessions on SEO, usability and accessibility to ensure team members understand their role in creating a consistent customer experience and are well positioned to adopt standards.
  • Tailored training on the Crownpeak DQM platform.

These programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and can range from on-boarding training for new users or expert sessions on topics of your choice.

“They really understand our environment and they are flexible in the way the work with us.”