Quality Assurance

Looking after your reputation across touchpoints

In today’s dynamic digital environment content is being displayed and published to more devices and across more systems than ever before. This puts your teams under huge pressure to deliver content to a consistently high standard while still managing the risk.

The Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) platform eliminates the burden of inefficient and ineffective manual quality assurance processes, and provides a central point of visibility and control for all your content quality and compliance activities, in one powerful, simple to use dashboard.

“If you have a large, complex website you need a solution like DQM. It's not possible to operate it optimally without that. Yes, you can employ 100 people to check every page ever day but the most rational approach is to use DQM."

Senior Manager, CSC.com

The platform reports on all issues detected on your site, and provides a central framework for all your digital quality management activities.

Our library of digital standards is continually updated by our experts to include the latest technical and legal specifications, so you can have peace of mind that you’re meeting the very latest requirements.

SEO Optimization

Delivering more customers to your content

Our powerful DQM platform comes with on-page SEO tools and reports to ensure your sites fully deliver on your search engine optimization strategy. The platform guides your marketing team through the publication process to ensure every page is optimized to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic.

“Using DQM our quality scores have improved and we now outperform many peer-group websites. It’s also helped us improve our search engine optimization, contributing to an increase of over three million visits from search engines.”

Head of Global Digital Marketing, KPMG

Boost your search engine rankings by ensuring that your content team is using best practices when publishing new pages or optimizing existing pages.

From page titles to specific meta data and alt image text requirements, the Crownpeak DQM ensures that content authors across the globe are following consistent best practice protocols defined by your SEO strategy.

Implementing a disciplined approach to on-page SEO optimization can increase traffic through better visibility on SERPs, which translates to more revenue opportunities.

Our SEO tool includes checkpoints tailored to ensure your sites stay compliant with your search engine strategy through adherence to:

  • Effective use of title tags and metadata
  • Optimization of page headings
  • Application of keywords on top pages
  • Correct use of link text
  • Visibility of internal and external links to each file and web page

Ensuring Accessibility

Making your digital experiences accessible to everyone

Laws governing digital accessibility require that all users have equal access to your website. With disability affecting 1 in 5 Americans, it is vital to identify and eliminate digital barriers that make it difficult or impossible for customers to access and interact with your content and services.

Crownpeak DQM makes it easy to ensure compliance by enforcing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the de facto standards for accessible web design and Section 508.

Accessibility is legally mandated in many countries and with increased legislation around the world, it has become an urgent issue for the digital C-suite, given the real commercial and financial risks involved.

That means providing the ability for hearing and vision impaired communities, as well as the aging population to interact with your content and services.

We make it easy to ensure compliance and expand audience reach to maximize your revenue-generating potential by adhering to industry best-practice standards for accessible web design.

Crownpeak DQM fully supports:

  • WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 accessibility guidelines
  • Section 508 accessibility guidelines

Enhancing the User Experience

Meet the newest member of your UX team

The user experience has become the key competitive battleground as companies look to establish a differentiated digital presence and satisfy increasingly demanding audiences.

Our platform was built with an eye toward ensuring every digital touchpoint is perfectly optimized to delight your customers and to eliminate the risk of brand or messaging errors or inconsistencies.

The platform comes with:

  • A powerful multi-lingual spell checker, to support the localization requirements of global presences
  • Enterprise-scale broken link detection
  • A comprehensive library of digital usability standards ensuring your site meets industry best practices for UX issues such as:
    • Page structure and readability
    • Language clarity and consistency
    • Correct integration and signposting of downloadable assets and rich media
    • Consistent hyperlink standards and mobile-optimized content formatting

"DQM helps us put quality at the center of the publication process… It’s the best Digital Quality Management system available."

Head of Web Governance, Alcatel-Lucent

Policy Compliance

A fierce bodyguard for your brand

Put simply, if it’s important to your organization, we can monitor it!

With multiple websites and a complex digital presence, maintaining brand consistency is an ongoing challenge for digital marketers. Not anymore! The Crownpeak DQM platform monitors your organization’s unique policies and standards across your portfolio of digital touchpoints to ensure consistency with your unique brand and business rules.

Crownpeak DQM can be configured to monitor your organization’s unique policies and guidelines, ensuring your digital DNA is protected and any brand or regulatory standards are consistently implemented across every digital touchpoint.

Some examples include:

  • Brand style guide, such as enforcing specific fonts, colors, and guidelines for templates and layouts.
  • Maintain editorial standards across your digital properties, including consistent use of terminology, language clarity, and the detection of prohibited terms and phrases.
  • Ensure that all legally mandated content is present on your site including: data protection, privacy policies, terms and conditions, intellectual property protection and corporate disclaimers.

"The professionalism of our site has really improved. DQM enables us to set quality standards for all aspects of our website and ensure they are being met. It's a powerful tool for optimizing the customer experience."

Head of Country Website Management, Shell

Digital Asset Inventory

We keep watch over your assets so you don’t have to

The Crownpeak DQM platform intelligently detects and tracks key digital assets across your sites including media files, PDFs, and other documents, making it easy to review and replace files to ensure that your sites are displaying the current corporate approved versions of assets like:

  • Images
  • Datasheets
  • Downloads
  • Contact info
  • Product names
  • And more

Custom reports can be created to report on any asset or aspect of your site – a powerful means of tackling key content management challenges, such as these:

  • Are you using the latest product images?
  • Are your data sheets up-to-date?
  • Have the contact pages of all your global sites been updated with the new office location?
  • A product has been discontinued. On which pages is it mentioned?
  • John Smith has been promoted. How do I find all mentions of him on the web presence to update his job title?

“The great thing about DQM is that anything that can be measured is measured. This makes progress very visible.”

Digital Standards and Quality Manager, Bupa