Parallel Development & Deployment

Our technology plays nice with yours.

Allow multiple teams to build and deploy websites simultaneously

Crownpeak's powerful integrated development workbench and decoupled content deployment architecture, transform how digital organizations get things done. Digital marketers, agencies, and development teams can develop and deploy projects simultaneously, all while bringing the need for elaborate IT change management to a minimum. Your team's existing development resources can quickly begin to add value with the Crownpeak platform without investing a great deal of time learning new languages and approaches.

Rapid development

The Crownpeak Platform enables developers to build digital experiences rapidly, using powerful and flexible templates alongside our enterprise-class real-time API that is familiar to any .NET, PHP or Java programmer. Content can be deployed from the Crownpeak platform in any technical language, whether it be a fully-featured or J2EE application, a single-page application, native mobile device application or kiosk presentation package.

As a software-as-a-service solution, there is no setup and no complex development environment to maintain. Just log in, point your favorite IDE at the Crownpeak platform and start developing. As a result, developers are more productive and are able to focus on pure value-added Digital Experience Management.


The Crownpeak platform enables thousands of projects to be implemented in parallel. Organizations with lots of products or regional teams can rapidly develop digital experiences in parallel and release on independent timelines.