Multi-Site Management

The power to market locally, and manage globally.

Crownpeak is the global standard for marketing content management for some of the largest organizations in the world. Central organizations are able to to manage brand look and feel across global web sites, while giving regional teams the power to market locally

Delegate to regional teams

Regional marketers can control and modify templates for their sites themselves. The central organization enforces brand guidelines and has all of the advantages of a standard offering – central content repository, auditing, cost, central resource management, quality control, stability, etc.

Deploy locally or globally

The Crownpeak Platform allows organizations to manage an unlimited number of deployment targets directly from the administration user interface.

Working in conjunction with Crownpeak’s powerful workflow configuration capabilities, digital marketers may deploy either whole sites or portions of sites to multiple targets around the world.

If necessary, content may be simultaneously deployed to multiple locations for redundancy purposes. This allows for the design of sophisticated global delivery architectures that not only deliver very high levels of availability but also partition content on a market-by-market basis.

Integrate translation systems

Crownpeak comes with an integrated translation management framework for multi-site and multi-language management. This framework allows content managers to identify a primary language and link it to one or more subordinate languages.

When content in the primary language is modified, content owners of the subordinate languages are automatically notified so that they can make the necessary adjustments. These steps may include manual delegation of translation to a third party or leveraging one or more integrations to third party translation management services.

Regardless of the translation strategy, Crownpeak ensures that content is continually managed within the defined workflow.