Empowering Developers

Integrated, out-of-the-box development

Faster development. Better results. Less effort.

Developers can create world-class websites using the Crownpeak development environment, open architecture and their favorite web development tools. Crownpeak combines a development platform, computing resources, deployment infrastructure and managed hosting services so you can reduce the cost, time and complexity of project development. In fact, we’re the only SaaS-based marketing content management solution that offers plugins for industry-leading developer tools like Visual Studio, Dreamweaver and Eclipse. The net result? Rapid development and deployment of web content solutions.

Stress less over management

There is no software or infrastructure to buy or set up; no need to worry about database calls or performance, capacity management, data type mappings or formatting conversions. Most importantly, there is absolutely no barrier to any output – HTML, XML, .NET, .JSP, PHP, REST, JSON, Facebook API, .TXT, proprietary data structures etc.

Get thorough support

Any code a developer writes is supported after launch by our expert team. Other developers (given the right access permission) can easily see what’s been created and modified over time, so transition between development teams for later projects is straightforward.

Develop and deploy faster than ever

Take one day to learn the system and spend the rest of your time reaping the rewards of the Crownpeak integrated plugins, scalable architecture and configurable management.

  • Deploy onto a massively scalable, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Configure a new development, stage or live environment
  • Rapidly configure end-user rights, access control levels and workflow
  • Never worry again about upgrades or patches

With Crownpeak, there is no need to worry about testing, upgrading – or other performance and management issues.

Developers can:

  • Create in a single development environment and deploy to many production environments
  • Forget about testing and optimizing for performance and capacity (we’ve got that covered)
  • Integrate other marketing functions, content sources and data providers through plug-ins
  • Leverage pre-configured templates from the library
  • Use native capabilities for multi language support
  • Isolate the HTML and CSS and give your designers direct access to modify whenever needed

Customize Crownpeak the way you like

Customize authoring interfaces and take advantage of Crownpeak’s library of example projects, templates and tools.

  • Create input and preview output authoring templates
  • Configure interface controls
  • Build upon model projects, templates and mashups

Crownpeak developers can customize authoring interfaces, create input templates (for adding content from any source), preview output templates (that include branding, look and feel), and define rules for processing content stored in the platform, which we call “pre-and-post processing files.”

Output templates (HTML files with embedded CMS code that inserts content from the database and allows developers to define display rules) can output content in any format or language, such as .NET, JSP and PHP. Workflow, access controls, publishing rules are all available via point-and-click configuration screens.

User interface controls are very simple to configure - a single line of code inserts any of dozens of available authoring controls.

At login, the developer is presented with a set of model projects to use as examples or to modify for their specific project.

Hundreds of output templates, including mashups with dozens of third-party functions, are available in the template library. Content preview in dozens of mobile formats, for example, are standard in the preview template library and model sites. Dozens of reports, third-party integrations and pre-configured dashboard elements are available out-of-the-box.

The developer also has access to a report writer, creation of new dashboard elements and simple ways to create new third-party data integrations.