Digital Marketing

The Digital Experience Layer

Better digital experiences require new ways of thinking

The Crownpeak decoupled content deployment architecture makes it simple to integrate with your existing line of business applications, or any third-party integration, allowing you to deliver consistent, valuable experiences to your customers across all touchpoints, quickly.

Giving marketers control of the Digital Experience Layer

Crownpeak separates marketing-driven elements that drive the digital experience into their own contained and manageable layer, called The Digital Experience Layer. The Digital Experience Layer consists of what your customers see – marketing content, your brand’s look and feel, A/B testing, targeting, personalization, localization and search data, and can either be deployed onto a Crownpeak hosted environment, or into an existing line of business application within your datacenter.

Crownpeak enables marketers to manage The Digital Experience Layer independently across any customer touchpoint, allowing IT to focus on the core business functions that support the digital experience.

How IT benefits

Separating marketing content into The Digital Experience Layer frees up IT resources to build and maintain core line of business applications, according to your own processes and governance. Marketers are empowered to deploy enhancements to your marketing message independently, without you having to worry about the constant pressure of rapid release cycles to core line of business applications, which ultimately results in a better digital experience for all of your customers.