[Infographic] 5 Tips for Faster Website Launches

As digital marketers, we are constantly under pressure to launch new web properties quickly. Yet many enterprises large and small still aren’t getting the return on investment they expect from new website initiatives. Why? Because the whole process moves too darn slow.

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[Ebook] Reduce Reliance on I.T. For Faster Website Launches

If you have something to say about your digital marketing strategy and the efficient delivery of great website experiences to users – you probably have experienced the need for faster project launches, either now or in the past. There are some very good reasons why new websites take so long to launch, and five critical ways to speed the whole process up. That’s why we have produced a new "Quick Guide to Faster Website Launches."

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Balancing Customer Experience Excellence Across Your Organization

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about centralization versus decentralization when it comes to managing and delivering great web experiences. This discussion has importance for enterprise marketing folks, but also for the I.T. experts and agency creatives who support them.

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2015 Customer Experience Market Predictions - the Ultimate List

The books are closed on 2014, which was by any measure an eventful year in the customer experience market. The year just passed may well be remembered as the tipping point for companies who have sat on the fence, thinking that competing on price or product features alone was still good enough. Many industry experts believe that the only source of competitive advantage today is an obsession with attracting, understanding, and serving today's empowered customers. Companies invested more than ever in 2014 on marketing technology necessary to deliver better targeted, more personalized digital experiences.

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By Crownpeak | January 20, 2015

Does Marketing Really Own the Customer Experience?

Lately Forrester’s Ted Schadler has been warning about the “battle royale” that is coming over ownership of the customer experience. He argues that the increasingly sophisticated demands of businesses will force the large I.T. platform vendors (e.g. IBM, Oracle) to fight for who can control the most digital touchpoints on the customer journey.

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