Taming the elephant in the room: Why digital governance is job one for today’s C-suite

In the 25 years or so since it first emerged, the World Wide Web remains a chaotic Wild West, almost to the point of being dysfunctional. While opportunities abound, competition grows fiercer for market share every second. For any digital business operation today, there's a lot at stake to get it right online. Are you maximizing your investment? Are you providing the best online experience for your audiences and converting them accordingly? Just how are you mitigating risk for whatever you're publishing online? And by the way, who has the authority to make decisions about what gets published online in the first place?

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Omni-channel 101: What It Means and What It Means for You

Omni-channel is a broad and varied topic, so we thought we'd start with the basics. This post is an intro to omni-channel.

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Six Ways to Have Big Data Work for You

Big data is now an integral part of most marketing executives’ vocabulary. After realizing the advantages data can provide, forward- thinking marketers are embracing big data and quickly incorporating its use into their strategies. This shift towards big data is rapidly evolving our industry from traditional marketing to a more advanced world of data-driven marketing.

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Most Customer Experience Projects Will Fail. Here's How Yours Can Win.

Customer experience (CX) is all the rage. No surprise either as traditional sources of competitive advantage have disappeared. Product differentiation is short lived. Low cost, efficient manufacturing and distribution are givens. Information is free.

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By Jimmy Chou (SingleStone) | April 27, 2015

3 Steps to Establish a Digital Governance Center of Excellence

More than 20 years into the adoption of the Web channel, many organizations are striving to establish a center of excellence around digital governance. A Digital Governance Center of Excellence would focus on establishing and supporting an organization’s strategic objectives by acting in partnership with executives to establish an appropriate digital strategy and by ensuring that such a strategy is effectively and consistently implemented throughout the organization. More tactically, the center would serve as a hub that would establish organizational digital standards and policies and help support collaboration and development of the full digital team.

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