Crownpeak vs. "Headless CMS": Differences & Similarities

So called "Headless CMSes", also known as "API-first", "API-based" or "API-driven" CMS platforms, have gained in popularity due to their simplicity and ability to isolate content authoring from page design. They allow your site content to be authored in simple forms, and the content is served up to the web pages via an API. One aspect of the Crownpeak CMS is that it can be used exactly like a Headless CMS, and the more advanced features like page previews, faster page loads due to pre-rendering and more sophisticated author ACLs and workflow are available if needed.

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Balancing the Collaboration Between Business and IT

I was recently interviewed by The CIOReview and featured on their CIO Viewpoint corner. Please enjoy my discussion on the trends for the present industry and how to balance the collaboration between business and IT in 2016 and beyond.

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By Patrick Desbrow | January 27, 2016

3 Common Misconceptions About the Cloud

According to Gartner, the time for the cloud is now, and its rapid acceleration is global. Yet even with such an exponential rate of growth, many organizations are still evaluating whether replacing traditional on-device software with the cloud is right for their business. While some of the hesitation is the result of educated consideration and vetting, much of it stems from a host of pervasive myths about cloud computing that need to be debunked. From concerns about losing control to security issues and integration challenges, it's important to separate fact from fiction. Although there are quite a few misconceptions about cloud computing, here are the 3 that we see most often that need to be addressed.

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Eye-Opening Marketing and IT Statistics

Crownpeak strives to balance the greater freedom, speed and agility that marketers and digital agencies want, with the security, scalability and compliance controls that IT demands. So as the VP of Demand Generation of a company that has pioneered the cloud delivery model for web content management systems, I always want to keep up with the latest trends and stats in the B2B marketing and technology industries.

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The Shift in US-EU Safe Harbor for Web Content Management

Recently, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Advocate General, Yves Bot, has found that the US-EU Safe Harbor Agreement is invalid. His reasoning is that the unrestricted surveillance exercised by the NSA effectively prevents the protection of personal data required by the EU Data Protection Directive.

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