How changing technology and consumer expectations are disrupting marketing

By Paul Abrelat (Sagepath)
August 25, 2014

Don't sell. Inform.
Customer mindsets are shifting.

Simply delivering marketing messaging and selling to them is not as effective as it once was - it can even turn these potential customers away. In the absence of brand loyalty or trust, speaking the language of the consumer can help. Consumers are responding much more to being given the right content and experiences at the right time, from sources they recognize or can identify with. In the new marketing world we operate in, authenticity is the new motivator. Essentially, consumers are responding to authentic, contextually-relevant information to influence purchase decisions and having the freedom to “make up their own mind.”

Delivering contextual relevance in an authentic way is all about knowing what motivates the customer as close to real time as possible. A critical point though is knowing when to apply these tactics. A highly personalized message or piece of content delivered at the right point in the experience can motivate and engage a user, while if delivered at the wrong point can be seen as intrusive, aggressive, or inauthentic. Technology is critical to delivering contextual relevance, but marketing magic does still exist. Finding the balance of applying relevance is the art to technology’s science.

More and more often marketers are using technologies such as predicative behavioral analysis and dynamic personalized content delivery across digital channels, as well as weaving community and social content into marketing and e-commerce initiatives to foster relevance and authentic experiences. CMOs are now defining technology platform choices alongside CIOs and CTOs (sometimes independently and with their own tech budgets!). Marketers are demanding flexible, extensible platforms that offer open integrations with other technologies and enhanced performance in the form of faster go-to-market implementations and maintenance.

The speed of marketing innovation continues to increase and the need for relevance for potential and existing customers is key. Choosing the right technology partner and platform that can integrate into and enhance your marketing tech stack, speed launch and delivery, and enable a closer relationship with your customers through key insights and delivery is critical to success in today’s digital marketplace. 


Paul Abrelat is Director of Digital Solutions at Sagepath, a full-service digital agency located in Atlanta, Georgia, serving such clients as The Home Depot and The Coca-Cola Company.

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