The Ideal Technical Architecture for Experience Delivery at Scale

My recent blog posts have tackled the role of marketing in delivering customer experiences and the proper balance of organizational centralization/decentralization necessary to effectively deliver them. Now, let’s address key aspects of technical architecture that ideally support the delivery of superior web experience management, or WEM.

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Balancing Customer Experience Excellence Across Your Organization

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about centralization versus decentralization when it comes to managing and delivering great web experiences. This discussion has importance for enterprise marketing folks, but also for the I.T. experts and agency creatives who support them.

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Does Marketing Really Own the Customer Experience?

Lately Forrester’s Ted Schadler has been warning about the “battle royale” that is coming over ownership of the customer experience. He argues that the increasingly sophisticated demands of businesses will force the large I.T. platform vendors (e.g. IBM, Oracle) to fight for who can control the most digital touchpoints on the customer journey.

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How to be a Marketing Innovation Agent

Do you wish your organization’s digital marketing was more innovative? Are you the one trying new cloud-based tools and technologies, maybe even behind your I.T. department’s back? Are you frustrated that you control some aspects of the web experience with no ability to improve other digital customer interactions? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be a change agent.

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By Jim Howard | September 30, 2014

Our Brand Philosophy: SaaS & "Web Experience Management"

Over the 13 year history of Crownpeak as a company, we’ve focused on one thing – making our customers successful. It’s important for us to understand their expectations of us as a company and of our SaaS platform. We share the common goal of making their website projects and digital customer experiences successful, and hope that along the way we surprise and delight them every once in a while.

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