WCM is the Hub of Digital Marketing

Jim Howard
By Jim Howard
June 27, 2012

Web Content Management (WCM) is the hub of digital marketing. It enables the creation and management of web sites and the mobile web experience. It is the “feeder” application for customer data flowing into the CRM system. The newest WCM systems, like ours, control the content in social media including Facebook, Twitter, and the corporate YouTube Channel. WCM today enables content to be tested and targeted – optimized to improve the conversion experience. WCM includes the core of digital asset management. WCM controls content workflows like creative collaboration and approval of campaigns and translation workflow. And it acts as the brand and compliance guardian, making sure regions and divisions follow brand guidelines and that the corporations comply with regulatory requirements around content and marketing.

Here’s the rub: web content management is meant to be the enabling hub for marketers but the last generation of products actually prevent the marketer in the large enterprise from being agile, innovative and therefore inhibit success.

Imagine a global enterprise where a new site can be rolled out quickly, an existing site can be changed easily, where testing, targeting and other optimizations are simple and rapid, and where content is truly shared by mobile, social and web. That’s what’s possible with WCM, even in large regulated businesses. And that’s what marketing needs to demand. When digital marketing is somewhat successful, THE ENTIRE COMPANY IS SOMEWHAT SUCCESSFUL. Marketing’s function is to drive revenue. Crippling that function is nuts!

IT has requirements for scalability, reliability, compliance, and security that must also be met. But today it’s possible to meet IT’s requirements without compromising success in digital marketing. And because a compromise is no longer necessary, making marketing highly successful must be a non-negotiable business requirement.

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