Localize Your Content With These Highly Useful Tips

An effective localization strategy can boost brand value and save companies millions. Ignoring or doing a poor job at localization, on the other hand, can create sizable costs for a marketer – in lost sales opportunities, or even in regulatory or legal penalties.

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Get Into Your Prospect's Head: 4 Easy Steps for Creating Buyer Personas

It's always been crucial that marketers understand the needs and wants of prospects, and today? It's more important than ever. So how do you determine what's relevant for your target audience? That's where buyer personas prove an invaluable tool.

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Why Your Website Is Probably Serving Errors to Your Customers Right Now: The Case for Digital Governance

A Web Content Management (WCM) platform or a Content Management System (CMS) is designed to let users publish and manage website content with speed and ease. A good WCM solution works incredibly well at this. But where it fails is at ensuring the quality and consistency of that content.

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By Crownpeak | August 16, 2016

[eBook] What Is Digital Quality Management and Why Is It a Game-Changer for Marketers?

As the buyer's journey evolves to include more digital touchpoints, brands need to make sure they're producing engaging digital experiences at every turn. That means developing relevant content and delivering it to the appropriate touchpoint, at just the right time. Additionally, because content is likely to be consumed in bits and pieces over multiple platforms, every experience needs to be consistent and on-brand, picking up where the last one left off.

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[Analyst Report] How to Build a Persona-Based Web Strategy

We're excited to share with our readers this Research Brief from SiriusDecisions on persona development. We found it particularly helpful for developing our own web-based persona strategy, which is a core part of our marketing strategy at Crownpeak.

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