Crownpeak History

2001 to Present

The Cloud Platform Era: 2010 - Present

Crownpeak rearchitects to become the enterprise’s only open cloud platform for Web Experience Management. We help enterprise marketers worldwide deliver personal digital experiences with security, reliability and compliance support. The second decade of Crownpeak continues…


The American Business Awards presents Crownpeak with a Gold Stevie® Award for "Support Department of the Year", in recognition of Crownpeak's commitment to challenge traditional definitions of software customer support. See blog post



Crownpeak releases Digital Asset Management (DAM) to provide enterprise marketers with brand consistent web experiences across global websites. Crownpeak's cloud content management platform makes DAM functions instantly available as a cloud service. See press release

Gartner names Crownpeak a “Visionary” in its 2014 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, as the only multi-tenant cloud platform evaluated in the report. See press release

Crownpeak hosts its Partner Summit in New York City, a two-day technical conference with sessions across four distinct tracks. See press release

Crownpeak announces rapid growth over previous 12 months featuring new customers, executive management, expanded operations and revenue growth. See press release

Crownpeak aims our cloud WCM platform at Web Experience Management, part of the larger trend of unifying and optimizing customer experiences personalized to their interests and behaviors. See blog post

The company opens its first international office in London to serve the United Kingdom and Europe.

Crownpeak triples its revenue in only three years (2012-2014).


Crownpeak introduces the Digital Experience LayerTM, through which marketers drive the digital experience—marketing content, look and feel, personalization, localization and mobile optimization—on top of I.T. managed web applications.

Crownpeak’s cloud WCM platform scales to manage more than 4,000 production websites in 75 languages, handling 10,000 simultaneous users implementing hundreds of projects.


The Crownpeak platform comprises the Core CMS for publishing, Web Content Optimizer for testing & targeting, Site Search and Enterprise Services.

Crownpeak posts market momentum in the Financial Services sector, announcing 10 new customers in banking, investment and insurance that manage global websites reaching a total of 90 million people. See press release


The second decade of Crownpeak begins. The company celebrates 10 years of WCM leadership. We remain the only independent, open WCM platform for the largest enterprises. See blog post

Reinvention of our cloud WCM platform is complete and launched in February, making the entire WCM/CMS available as a web service. The release features open APIs, a high level of interoperability and integration with leading document management and collaboration tools. See press release

The company decides to target enterprise organizations in highly regulated industries like banking, insurance, utilities and pharmaceuticals that require a superior level of security, reliability and compliance support. Crownpeak becomes the first SaaS WCM solution to ensure good governance with corporate, legal and regulatory standards. See press release

The company continues to target non-technical users with digital marketing workflow and dashboard improvements providing a unified user interface for content, data and analytics. See press release


The platform is completely re-architected for elastic computing, always remaining “true SaaS” to deliver WCM as a service. Crownpeak moves to Amazon Web Services on the backend for bullet-proof cloud infrastructure.

Crownpeak posts a 58% compound annual growth rate since its founding. Recurring revenue rebounds to a record level. Average customer size and project scope doubles in only 12 months. See press release

The company launches Web Content Optimizer which delivers enhanced personalization features such as content targeting, testing and actionable analytics to optimize the digital marketing process.

Crownpeak goes mobile. Its SaaS WCM is made available on iPhone and Android along with mobile development templates for customers.

Raising Funds & Rapid Growth: 2007 - 2009

Crownpeak enjoys a period of rapid growth and critical product evolution. We gain industry recognition, agency alliances, integration partners and positive PR buzz. Through the economic downturn, Crownpeak remains fiercely independent and moves up-market to serve the largest global enterprises.


The Great Recession sees the low-end of the WCM/CMS market commoditize around freely available platforms. For the first time in Crownpeak’s history, recurring revenue growth flat lines. The company retrenches, keeping happy its SMB customers that manage to survive the economic downturn.

Crownpeak decides to move up-market to serve the largest global enterprises, scaling to handle the biggest, most complex websites in the world. These companies continue to suffer under the heavy burden of proprietary WCM suites bloated by market mergers & acquisitions.

The company raises a Series C funding round and manages to remain cash positive in the ensuing years, growing at a more modest 11% per year throughout the period.

Capabilities added to the SaaS WCM platform include online advertising support, landing page management and conversion metrics to improve online campaign performance.

Crownpeak wins a Standard of Excellence WebAward from the Web Marketing Association.


Crownpeak raises its second round of venture capital from SunAmerica Ventures with additional financing from existing investors Sigma Partners and Altos Ventures.

The company has grown its recurring revenue more than 500% in only two years.

Capabilities added to the SaaS WCM platform include social networking support for public as well as private community sites.

Crownpeak launches its Alliance Partner Network with “certified” digital agencies which includes special pricing, training and support to completely outsource site management infrastructure.

The company is recognized by technology research firm Gartner with a positive rating in its MarketScope for Web Content Management.


Crownpeak continues to grow at an alarming rate, based on its growing reputation for helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) launch websites rapidly. Many websites are able to “go live” on Crownpeak in as little as 4-6 weeks – at an affordable price.

The company enjoys 65% quarterly revenue growth year-over-year (2007-2006) and its 21th quarter of sustained growth.

Capabilities added to the SaaS WCM platform include improved dashboard analytics, dynamic publishing, live site monitoring, geolocation, content tagging and support for open source development environments such as Eclipse.

Crownpeak begins to compete for smaller site projects against open source CMS solutions, which have become easy enough to use that web development shops begin to host them in their data centers.

Web 2.0 and Rise of Web Content Management: 2004 – 2006

Crownpeak evolves its SaaS environment to become the only true multi-tenant WCM solution. We scale to supports thousands of simultaneous users and projects with rapid deployment and 24/7 customer service. This growth culminates in our first round of venture financing.


Crownpeak attracts its first round of venture capital financing from Sigma Partners and Altos Ventures. The capital infusion is used to grow the sales team, attract senior engineering talent and build PR and marketing.

Capabilities added to the SaaS WCM platform include content syndication, instant publication to multiple formats (i.e. blogs, wikis, podcasts and video) as well as user generated content publishing.

The company enjoys a 95% customer retention rate and its 16th consecutive profitable quarter.


The second generation of CMS offerings, now called Web Content Management (WCM), begins to take off with Crownpeak among them. Open Source CMS options begins to emerge on the market, but are not yet viable as WCM platforms and still heavily dependent on IT.

Crownpeak’s customer base grows to thousands of developers (hundreds simultaneously) using our SaaS platform to deploy projects with high performance, reliability and data security.

The company partners with best-of-breed marketing technology solutions to provide native integration from our open platform to Email Labs, ExactTarget, Google, Omniture, Rackspace, Salesforce and WebTrends.

Crownpeak’s implementation methodology comes into sharper focus, enabling rapid website deployment with 24/7 customer service and support for the whole development life cycle.

The company makes Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50.


Crownpeak scales its SaaS CMS platform to become the first multi-tenant offering (also known as native SaaS or “true SaaS”) on the market. The entire SaaS market is legitimized when goes public.

Capabilities added to the SaaS CMS platform include contextual site search with fully automated indexing and support for 100+ file types.

The company posts 100% quarterly revenue growth year-over-year (2003-2004) with 90% compound annual growth since its founding.

Crownpeak wins the prestigious eWeek Analysts Choice Award and InfoWorld Technology of the Year.

In the Beginning, There was SaaS: 2001 - 2003

Crownpeak is founded with a mission to provide marketers a faster and easier way to publish and manage websites. We build and launch the first CMS to be delivered as a hosted service, helping to pioneer the SaaS software model.  Crownpeak builds its mid-market customer base, pushing open development and integration from the start.


Crownpeak’s SaaS platform is re-architected 3X in the first couple years, in a quest to perfect intuitive CMS usability. Backend development is fully abstracted from the front end presentation layer, a concept that is taken for granted today.

Capabilities added to the SaaS CMS platform include email marketing campaign support, site navigation frameworks (e.g. portal, intranet, extranet) and automated complex workflows (e.g. Section 508 compliance).

Online marketing agencies begin to partner with Crownpeak to deploy multiple sites for their various clients on our shared development platform.

The company grows 300% in its first two years of operation, adds new customers in government and manufacturing, and completes its first 250 implementation projects.


Crownpeak pioneers and helps define the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market, along with and other early vendors.

The company releases its browser based developer toolkit featuring open integration and template management to allow completely self-service site implementation. Backend security and reliability is still handled by the SaaS platform.  

Crownpeak posts market momentum in the higher education, publishing and non-profit sectors where organizations often lack internal IT departments and large budgets.

Crownpeak named to the EContent 100 by EContent Magazine, the first of five times.


Crownpeak founded by Jim Howard, Carl Sutter and Sean Lally to address the difficulties companies were having with the first generation of web content management systems (WCM/CMS), which were always installed on-premise on expensive server hardware.

The company introduces Advantage CMS – the first hosted CMS solution for websites. The company is initially positioned as an Application Service Provider.

Crownpeak starts to sell early customers – typically small to mid-size businesses that were being ignored by legacy CMS vendors – promising implementation in 1-3 weeks, or 4-10X faster than packaged CMS solutions.